HA Compatible Alarm Siren Box

I’m slowly starting to set up an alarm based on HA.
I want to add a real siren on my house to further help deter would be thieves by having it ring when HA’s alarm triggers
I’ve never dealt with alarms before so was wondering if a good soul would give me some advice on what to look for/avoid before I buy any siren box off ebay?

How do you want to connect it? zWave? Raspi GPIO? Other?

The Neo Coolcam Z-Wave Plus Door Bell and Siren is a popular indoor (not weatherproof) zWave model.

I use these (indoors and out) wired to my raspi gpio via optocouplers and Darlington transistors: https://oceancontrols.com.au/SEC-004.html

I haven’t completely setup my home alarm yet, but I’ve been looking into a simple 12v siren/strobe, with a 12v transformer plugged into a smart plug. I’ll just use HA to trigger the smart plug for however long I want the siren to trigger.

This will also be running off a UPS (as well as my pi), so the alarm can still be triggered if there’s a loss of power.


Thanks Both. I’m after a siren/strobe box that would sit outside the house.
I’ve not yet decided how I’ll control it, but might be using a port off my RPi unless providing power sounds the siren, then a smart plug/socket would be much easier

This is what I’m looking at using. It has inputs for siren and strobe trigger. So I’ll just connect a 12v adapter to it, triggered with a smart plug.
I will also use a 12v indoor screamer.
I will potentially use a zwave plug so I don’t have to rely on my wifi router also being powered. This, with the raspberry pi, will be plugged into my UPS.


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The other thing I’m looking at trying is using those cheap RF alarms and integrate the siren with something like the sonoff rf bridge. Not sure how well this would work.
Some of these RF sirens have solar and backup batteries so I won’t need to rely on the UPS.

Look what I found on AliExpress

thanks, I’ll post once I’ve chosen and set something up

Hi ,

I am doing something similar, and would like to use the wired option something like you did, do you have a wiring diagram by any case for the mentiond components i.e. the optocouplers and transistors


Note that there was barely enough room between IC1 & 2 to get them in the Veroboard. Might want to increase the distance.