HA compatible dehumidifier

Does anyone have any suggestions for a dehumidifier that works w/ HA?

Background for request:

I live in a condo, so I have other units on 2 sides, and one above me, with only 2 exterior walls. Those exterior walls don’t have many windows, so I’m fairly well insulated. Thus my AC doesn’t run enough to keep the humidity down to where I’d like it to be, unless I want it to always be below 68 degrees in the house, which I don’t.

So I’m looking for a “low profile” or “slim” dehumidifier that works with HA to put in the small closet with my air handler. My intent is to be able to turn the fan on my air handler on when the dehumidifier is doing its thing to distribute the (hopefully) dehumidified air around the house, and kick the fan off when it reaches the humidity target.

I don’t need something big, the condo is just under 1000 square feet, but I do need to be as slim as possible, and be able to plumbed to the AC/air handler’s drain.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Not directly compatible with HA but it is doing the job, I use this type in the bathroom at the moment:


Since it’s able to come back on when power is restored I just have a smart plug to turn on and off when target humidity levels are reached and have the hose from it going into the drain pipe for my washing machine for constant drain when it needs.


Find a dumb dehumidifier you like and put it on a smart plug. They pretty much all remember their previous state after a power outage.

Or go full on with DIY control like I did: Smartifying a Dehumidifier with ESPHome (probably overkill for your needs).

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I use a Midea 50 pint Cube with

You have to login once to the SmartHome account, but you can immediately logout after HA takes over.

The dehumidifier is actually a beast and has direct drain capabilities. I have mine attached to my AC drain via the bucketless mode.

I could probably get the 35 pint cube to fit where I need it if I use the bucketless mode with a drain hose plumbed to the condensation drain of my AC unit, but from what I can see from the manual, the bucketless setting does not persist if power is lost.


It’s not the end of the world, but I’d have to reset the unit any time there was a loss of power, but it’s annoying.

You should be able to automate enabling the mode when power is restored via automation, you just put in the mode keyword for the profile setting when creating the action.

Keeping an eye on this thread to see what ones are posted as well as I may upgrade the one I am using to one that is better overall later on.

i have a EVA pro II

it can be controlled by HA, through cloud (i have an automation turning it on when home humidity goes over a threshold)
However, and this is in my todo list :smiley:, it can be hacked swapping the wifi key it has with a ESP8266/ESP32 since it is fully controlled over UART and so turn it fully local.

however, i wouldn’t call it slim…

Unfortunately that’s one of the requirements I can’t fudge… It either has to be taller, but slim, or quite short if it’s chunky. The whole “two objects can’t exist in the same space” sort of issue gets in the way…

Though looking at the size, it might fit. This one may have the bigger issue of it not seeming to be available in the US.

(it also has the pipe if you can manage not to use the tank)

Midea has a subbrand “Comfee”. I use two “comfee den-20-wf” devices and I integrated both with my HA using this midea integration > Releases · nbogojevic/homeassistant-midea-air-appliances-lan · GitHub