HA Compatible Energy Consumption Meter - Australia

I would like to use something similar to the Sense Energy meter in my house here in Australia, it looks like this device is for the US/Canadian market only. Does anyone in Australia currently use a similar device and what metrics can you get out of it. I really like how sense can detect which device is consuming what. Obviously it needs to integrate with HA.

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In theory this should work with HA since it is z-wave. Given that you want to know what device is consuming what you would need one of these on each circuit to get somewhere close to that but to get data on a specific appliance you would essentially need something like a smart switch at each socket… $$$$ These can come in either wifi or z-wave which both have models compatible with HA, but my link is closer in terms of functionality to the Sense unit that you posted about.

EDIT: Ok, so I just read a bit more on the Sense unit…it seems to be A LOT smarter than I initially gave it credit for! Rather cool actually

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I haven’t seen anything in AU that installs at the meter. I bought TP-Link HS110’s partly as smart switches, but also to monitor power usage (work out the heater’s been left on; announce when the washing is finished). I bought them from Kogan because I’m tight, but I’m concerned they may be some form of grey import given they spam a non-existent domain every second (which I then blocked using pihole).

My link installs at the meter but cant distinguish between particular devices on the circuit. ie: it doesnt have the machine learning of Sense.

I use

It does install at the meter but only provides total measurements. I have 3 clamps but can only get the total numbers. But mine is a few years old and I have not tried to update the firmware (if that is even an option), so maybe the newer models are smarter. The integration is via the cloud.

This is what I have:

and apparently it still is just the total consumption!

Can I see the usage from each individual phase (3 phase version)?

No - The transmitter sums up its total usage and reports this as one channel of data. So whether you buy the single phase (1 clamp) or 3 phase (3 clamps) version, you will still get one (total) reading from the transmitter.

@sparkydave I’d like to avoid zwave if possible as it’s another wireless network to introduce into my ecosystem. I was hoping there was a device that could do it but efergy seems readily available here and integrates with ha. Total consumption I guess is OK as I could use the smart plugs I already have too. It would be good to know the majot consumers like over and cook top aircons etc.

You could install extra transmitters and attach them to the individual lines in the fusebox if you have these major consumers on separate circuits. But that is $80 per consumer. There must be better ways.
Maybe the Sonoff POW?

I can strongly recommend IoTaWatt (https://www.iotawatt.com/)

It goes in your meter box, can monitor 14 channels and is running a ESP8266.
It publishers to PVOutput and I have a script that integrates all channels to home assistant. https://github.com/DotNetDann/IoTaWatt/blob/master/Example%20Home%20Assistant%20Configuration.yaml

No brainer really.



I use this http://www.theenergydetective.com/tedprohome.html
Can check on each breaker with the addon connected

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That was looking like the perfect solution however it is for us 120v power not suitable for Australian 240v.

**Upon further investigation it appears these are suitable for Australia apologies **

I don’t think I’d be conformable with sonoff connected to high current devices like oven or aircons

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It can be used with 240V. See here:

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Efergy isn’t too expensive in Australia, even for 3 phase plus a solar input… Kinda sucks that it requires the cloud though. I would run the transmitters from a 5VDC power supply though rather than having a bunch of batteries to have going flat.

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Try this guy - based in Perth and is pretty knowledgeable with hardware. This is his own product from what I can tell

ok I found this regarding the IoTaWatt

Looks like we have a winner.

ok so will https://openenergymonitor.org/ do the same as Sense Energy Meter lookinf for one device to detect which device. :slight_smile: wish Sense wound just test in Aust.

Hi Aaron,

Sense is the only one I am aware of that uses the a devices unique electrical signature to identify it. I have read that it is not exactly that accurate with id of devices.

I went with IOTAWatt I have a CT clamp on each of my breakers which covers the big ticket items you cant place a smart energy plug on like ovens and Air-conditioners, these are required to have there own breakers for isolation so are the only items on those circuits.

@jimpower thanks bud, think I just have to do that then.

Hi @jimpower , I’m thinking of hitting the go button on buying an IoTaWatt system. Was it easy to interface to HA? Can it be done directly rather than the data going to PVoutput etc first? I had a bit of a scan through their docs but haven’t seen any relevant info just yet

I am actually about to do a write up about my experience with this and how I achieve energy consumption monitoring in my house. I had to do a custom component to pull the data from it but I will provide it for you if you would like. It will take me about a week to do up a blog for it if you’re interested otherwise I will just proceed with the how to HA & Alexa media controlled Android TV.