HA Compatible Smart Speaker (No Home, Alexa, ... devices)?

I’m wondering what smart speakers people are using. I kind of not want Google to record everything in my house, nor Amazon etc.

Basically what I would like is a speaker which can play Text-to-speech stuff, e.g. announcing the weather in the morning, and other stuff like that.

I don’t need HQ audio playback either, i.e. not interested in premium Sonos devices.

Any tips?

I use rasperry pis with snapcast and mopidy connected to the speakers. Everything local, TTS, multiroom audio from different sources or synced play.

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As a test I dusted off an old rpi1 I used as a kodi box a loooong time ago, hooked up some Jabra speaker and WiFi adapter (no onboard wifi on the pi1) and miraculously it actually pinged back when I tried its mDNS name :smiley: only problem is I only allow ssh PKI logins and I don’t have any device that still has access keys.

So, my question is, what should I flash on the sdcard (it’s an 8GB one)? What linux distro is well suited for the job described in earlier posts?

Dietpi. …

I use piCorePlayer with Squeezelite in each of my rooms:

They are playing music and can also be used for TTS.

The server is installed on my Synology NAS but you could also install it on a raspberry.

Check out this squeezelite project https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?111328-ANNOUNCE-the-SqueezeAMP-next-generation-squeezeboxen-amplifier-receiver.
This board includes 2*3watt amps as well