HA Compatible, WiFi, no-neutral light switch

Hi, everybody! Sorry if it’s not the appropriate place for my question. Please point me to the right one if it’s wrong. I want to know what is your recommendation for a one-wire, no neutral wall switch, that integrates smoothly in HA, while being privacy-oriented (so LAN mode or DIY mode or something, even flashing with Tasmota or ESPHome) and WiFi-based(no zigbee or z-wave). I know…lots of requirements but I really need an advice and can’t find a good answer anywhere. Googled it a lot of times and wondering about Sonoff T4, but afaik it can’t be successfully flashed with Tasmota or ESPHome(or am I outdated?)

I think Sonoff t4 can be flashed with tasmota. Please see this video and decide.

Shelly 1L?

Hi! Thanks! I know this video. I’m a big fan of Doc, but still T4 is not fully “flashable”, as the touch button gets unusable after flashing.

Wow! Didn’t know about 1L. I’ll have a look and come back for confirming this. Thanks a lot! :hugs:

It works great, just pay attention to the minimal load of (I guess) 20w. Fibaro dimmer also works without neutral (but needs zwave) Shelly dimmer as well, you can look at that too.