HA components do not respond in HomeKit after a while

Hi All,

I’ve been using HomeAssistant for some weeks now, and added the HomeKit integration. After reloading HA it works and all sensors respond within homekit (Zwave doorsensors and motion sensors), but they stop working after a while. So i have to reload HA and then it works for a short time again.

Trying to troubleshoot this issue, but unable to solve. I am using an iPad as hub, and what i notice is that when i am out of my home network the components do not respond. Tried this by disabling the WiFi on my iPhone and then triggering some components, but on the ipad i dont see that components get triggered.

Now comes the strange part. While the iPad is the hub i would think it is leading, but when i trigger a component and then unlock my iphone with the home app opened, and check the ipad the component updates sometime.

It looks like the iPad as hub still needs my iphone unlocked and home app opened to update the HA component state. I have absolutely no idea how i can troubleshoot this since it works in HA itself.

The fun part, i am able to control zwave switches like a power outlet?!?!

Already removed the state file and repaired with HA.