HA configuration - exactly where are all configuration data?

I have now been poking around with HA for a day and one thing puzzles me a bit… where is all configuration data stored?
(I’m running: HassOS 2.12, Home Assistant 0.1000.3 )
I have installed the Samba add-on and through the shared file area I can find some files, but these can’t be all the configuration? There must be more… E.g. I find no definitions on entities/devices.
I have searched for some kind of overview, but found none.

I get the feeling the complete configuration is a mix of plain text files (by hand editable) and databases (non-editable by hand) hidden somewhere…?

You’re probably looking for the config/.storage directory, and . files are typically hidden by default. You really shouldn’t be messing around in there unless you know you need to and you know what you’re doing, though.

No. They are all plain text files, but the registry is hidden in the .storage directory inside your configuration directory.

Thanks, found it in /config/.storage !

Make sure you don’t try to edit it while the system is running and format the json correctly if you do edit them.

Yes, of course.
Just felt I needed an overview of the config files in order to get to understand HA. Just poking around with the GUI hides a lot of stuff and some things appear as “magic” until you actually see and understand the configuration in the backend.