HA connected biometric NON-DOOR lock (safe, lockbox, DIY camlock)?

I wonder if there are any biometric locks out there that be integrated for low security basic controls - at the level of kidproofing, but with logs? Imagine you wanted a household key box with something like a fingerprint scanner that integrated with HA for logging. Basically “who left the key box open?” combined with toddler-level kid-proofing so they can’t mess with keys and accidentally set car alarms off.

Vaultek has Internet connected firearm safes that work, but are very expensive.

Wyze makes a pistol case that seems to be Internet connected… I wonder if that could be integrated into HA?

Other hardware ideas?

If you don’t mind DIY then you can make a fingerprint scanning lock using ESPhome and a few bits.

Haven’t played with ESPhome at all yet, but sure, I’m willing to try. Good idea! (any more links or tips are welcome :wink: )

Sure. I would suggest using an ESP32 so you can use it as a Bluetooth proxy as well as the lock controller but really you could use an 8266 if you wanted. The cost is minimal anyway so the ESP32 is a great option.

Team it up with a relay to power a lock actuator.

Run the whole thing from a 5V power supply (old phone charger or whatever).

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