HA constantly rebooting

Hi guys,

I applied the 2022.2 update this morning and I experiencing connection issues. In that the HA server is slow to respond. It appears to be rebooting over and over.

I get “Connection lost. Reconnecting…” followed by the usual start up messages. Perhaps something is crashing the system prompting the restart.

I am running HA via a proxmox VM. I am getting a message from the Home Assistant for Mac application suggesting an error with a certificate but I am running locally for now (I also have an issue with my duckdns connection that I am also trying to fix - probably also due to a certificate being invalid).

This is what I am seeing on the Proxmox VM console…

I am also getting a message from Home Assistant (when it does start) that default_config could not be set up. Could that be the issue?

Any ideas how I can fix this?


Hang on, I think I might have fixed it. I installed the VLC add-on and plugged in a USB speaker. Seems more stable after I unplugged the speaker. Stopped the VLC add-on for now.