HA consultant for hire?

Anyone with expertise in hassio, config, node-red, mqtt, etc looking for a small paid gig?

Yes yes, there’s lots of fun in reading, learning and trail/error, but I’m looking to befriend someone I can throw config questions at, integrations type issues etc.

If you are or know a techie w good communications skills that’s knows n loves(?) HA hit me up!

I sent you a DM.

All that you have described is will within my area of expertise and I would gladly help you out on this.
You can reach me on [email protected]
Best Wishes and Have a great Sunday,

The product you created is just asweome. I came from Homee, Homey and Fibaro and I finally feel home :wink: . So thanks to all the contributors. You are doing a fantastic job!

HI @Andrew4 @tom_l
im looking for a short-term and long-term support for my Home Assistant Installation. It is working but i def. feeling that it is consuming to much of my time and i need a pro. Like you!?

I put together a lil document describing the requirements at the moment.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Please see point 16 here.

I’m not interested but feel free to ask any questions on the forum and if I can help I will.