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I am decent at coding, I rolled my own HA on the pi, but I can’t do gui work. I spent a week with HA, gleaning bad information and bit and pieces just trying to get a simple wifi switch to turn on and off with status. While I appreciate the free advice offered here, I have spent too much time on the primrose path, the last straw was when I configured debug mode for the log using a cut and paste from official HA doc and HA went into safe mode. I mean if I can’t turn on debug, then I really not qualified to do anything. So the question, are there SMEs here (subject matter experts) that accept payment for consults ? Thanks

Serious question.

If you’re looking to pay someone to setup your Home Automation and Control system why don’t you consult with a professional system installer?

HASS is a really great DIY system. But it is DIY which also entails a lot of learning, trial and error and breaking things. It’s fun if you’re a tinkerer but not so fun if you’re not.

I need help determining why things in HA don’t work and I don’t like wasting time. I appreciate the help I have received on the forum, but it isn’t enough. Hiring a professional system installer to determine why Rest and Command Line yaml configs don’t work would be a waste of money.

This is contradictory. You want to pay someone to troubleshoot why things aren’t currently working. Yet it’s a waste to pay someone to troubleshoot?

HASS isn’t a one time setup and walk away. The system is constantly evolving and changing and breaking.

It isn’t contradictory. I am looking for someone that knows HA well and wants to make some spare cash. Thanks for your input.

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We all have our different priorities. @ob2s wants to use home assistant, but would like more dedicated one on one setup and probably learning from someone. Hopefully someone can oblige.

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Now this I completely understand. Paying for learning sessions aka training from someone. Paying someone to do a one time setup or fix a problem and done. That’s going to get very expensive.

Hi There,

I can help with HA setup, not an expert but I have manage to do some things in my setup so maybe will be able to fix your setup too.

As for the money, I leave it up to you. If you are happy, you can buy me a beer, if not this is still ok. I will learn something :slight_smile:


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Don’t be so hard on yourself, we all make mistakes.

To whoever accepts this assignment:
Be advised you may need remote-access to the system.

Thanks 123, I got debug rolling, and remote access is a go :wink: