HA Container on ProxMox With UDMP Pro - Presence Detection - Please Help

Hi all, Im looking for a bit of help please.
I have HA Container installed in a Proxmox LXC. Everything works really well apart from presence detection.
I also have a Unifi Dream Machine Pro. I have setup the integration (from this page Ubiquiti UniFi - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io). Integration mostly works really well - I can see all UDM Pro connected devices in HA integration. I can see transmit and receive stats in the device and all looks good. The issue however is relating to the device_tracker. When someone leaves home, after the configured timeout the device tracker goes to ‘Away’. However, when the person comes home, the device tracker status doesnt update to Home by itself. If I reload the integration the device changes back to Home. Max TX and Max RX values do keep incrementing when the user is home and device tracker is set to away.
On the integration page, there is a section that says:

Presence detection

This platform allows you to detect presence by looking at devices connected to a Ubiquiti UniFi controller. By default devices are marked as away 300 seconds after they were last seen.


Presence detection depends on accurate time configuration between Home Assistant and the UniFi controller.

If Home Assistant and the UniFi controller are running on separate machines or VMs ensure that all clocks are synchronized. Failing to have synchronized clocks will lead to Home Assistant failing to mark a device as home.

It feels like the issue is due to clocks not being synced based on that last sentence. I have Googled and cant find anything on how to sync the clocks between HA and Unifi Controller on the UDMP Pro. Does anyone have some suggestions or help as to how you have got round this issue? When I had HA Supervised running on an RPI4 I didnt get this issue