HA control of remote gate

hi All,

I have a gate that can be controlled by an app (Centsys) or can be triggered just be phoning the number of the SIM card that’s in the control box. Receiving an incoming call just triggers the opening motor. As a result I’ve got a contact in my phone called “Gate” and I can just get Siri to call gate and the gate opens.

I’d like to see if I can use HA to create an automation that triggers based on the location of me via my phone. Just as a project.

The idea would be that as I approach my house, the GPS data on my phone triggers HA to try to call the number of my sim in the gate, thus triggering the opening mechanism. ( I think I can set it up to trigger on receipt of a text rather than a call - but the call definately works at the moment so that’s my preference)

So the question here first is:

Can HA send a notification to a phone number (or ideally try to call the number) that isn’t already a device in the list of devices it can see (my gate is not close enough to be on my network)

Can the location info from my iPhone be seen by HA when I’m not on the network and then be used to trigger the above notification send?

As I say, first world problem - just a project to see if I could get it to work.


Everything looked promising until you wrote

I doubt iPhones allow any of your plans. I know you can make an android call a phone number by sending a notification to the phone.
Or you need to get a second phone (android) or build something using ESP-Home. But both these methods cost you another sim card.

Thanks for responding. That’s a shame ref iPhone - but so be it. Maybe I’ll look into the sms control idea as HA sends sms to me through automations easily. Just need it to point at the sim in the gate. Problem is, that sim doesn’t have a presence / entities that HA can detect as it did with the iPhone to configure it.

If HA could be told a mobile number and then send sms to that number in an automation rather than the iPhone which it has “seen” on my network then I think it would work. But I’m not sure if that’s possible.

Thanks for thinking about the idea.


What kind of integration do you use to send sms from HA?


I just use the service notifications one that is built in to HA. I use it to send me a text when, for example, our net power goes above a certain threshold or when the value of exporting power goes below zero. Etc.

As my iPhone is available to HA as a device, notifications can be sent from automations to it really easily. Can be done in the visual editor / drop down menu automation builder.

That’s why I was wondering if I can use the same idea but not the iPhone as the target - another sim number ( that of my gate )


does the call have to come from your phone? or will any phone work? maybe something like ifttt could help? you can trigger a call with ifttt. and you can trigger ifttt from home assistant.

however that has latency and you might get to your gate before it opens… still, i’d give it a try.

look at the twilio integration. although twilio’s not free (but it’s also not expensive).

Hi Armadad,

Any phone will work. If you have the number just calling it triggers the gate motor ( hence I don’t give it out). The app (centsys) can be given to people and then a dashboard on their website allows me to add mobile phone numbers that can access my gate from the app. However, as just calling the number triggers the motor I figured I could somehow get HA to do it for me.

Thanks for the ti ok s on those integrations- I’ll have a look.


wacky! what’s that number?
@AndyK1 : “why’s my gate opening and closing everytime @armedad turns on his tv???”

@armedad : :person_shrugging:

That is not SMS. That is just data.

Hehe. … I’ve tried to send it a text today but it ignored me. It has to be a call - I di, however, think that Centsys can change some settings so that SMS will trigger it. I may give them a ring and find out. If that can be done and I can somehow get HA to hold the telephone number and text it based on the GPS record of my iPhone Iv’e truly reached Star Trek level 2. (Original series, guys behind the scenes opening the doors level).

Oh - didn’t realise. It comes to my iPhone (wherever I am) as a notification - I assumed it was using SMS type technology - it’s certainly a “message” in appearance (in as much it sends a message to my phone - when I’m at work for example - - to let me know the net power has gone below zero and so the shed water heater has come on. etc). I thought it was SMS’ing me.

Cheers for the clarification .


well, give ifttt a try… at least to prove it all out. that should take litterally something like 15 minutes to set up. very easy. if you then want to later user twilio or something like that, it can be done, but it’s more work…not a 15 minute job there.

Is it this one?
Wireless Solution - Making Your Life Easier - CENTSYS

Does it have those buttons?
Perhaps you can use a switchbot?


No - it’s hidden inside a box that runs a motor that opens a large sliding gate at the top of the drive. We don’t have remotes - just an app. The SIM card is buried in the box somewhere. I think the App sends a ping to the sim (or tries to call it) and this triggers the motor. I can get it to open by just saying “Hey Siri, call home gate” and thenthe iPhone Im on (or the HomePod if I’m in the house) rings the number - I hear the “engaged” tone and then the gate opens.

Gotta be a way…


ifttt… OK I will have a look at that tomorrow and see if I get anywhere.


if you open up the box, i bet you there’s a physical trigger. either 2 leads that you can connect to trigger, or a test button.

and if there’s a button somewhere, maybe this:

something i’ve seen and always wondered “who’d actually buy that? and what do they really use it for?” if you end up using one, def let me know!