HA core as a docker container. Read only?

I have a number of docker containers running on a headless computer. Ubuntu Server. They all work fine

I’ve recently added Home Assistant Core container, which works fine but somehow the config folder, which contains my YAML and custom integrations has ended up read only. I can only edit it by using sudo. The other container configs can be added, removed and modified using SSH file program on my Mac.

I set up the container using Docker Compose.

Any suggestions on how I can make mods without using Sudo in a shell?

This is posted in Home Assistant OS, but you are running Ubuntu so, in general:

Start by checking the owner and group-owner and adjust them if neccesary. SSH to the folder that contains you homeassistant config folder and check the owner and group owner with either

ls -l


stat -c "%U %G" ./ 

The second name after the file permissions shows the group.
Make sure your current user is a member of the group that owns the folder.
You can check this with

groups your_user_name

If your current user is not a member of the owner group of your config folder, add the user to the group with:

usermod -a -G name_of_group your_user_name

Another way to edit the files is to set up samba and edit the files through a share.

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Apologies for posting in the wrong group.

Tomas, that’s a great response. Well written and worked like a charm. Turned out I wasn’t part of the root group. Thank you.

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