HA CPU usage normal?

Running HA container latest version on my laptop. Recently I heard the laptop’s fan started periodically. Upon check from Portainer, the CPU usage as below:

Seems it has periodically spikes. Those high spikes are exactly 30 seconds apart. Is this normal? How can I find what processes are running every 30 seconds? It doesn’t happen all the time though.

This can assist with determining what is eating up CPU cycles:

Thanks. I profiled for 10 minutes (600 seconds). Seems most of the time 590 seconds are on “method ‘poll’ of ‘select.epoll’ objects”:

What was the outcome of this investigation?
I’m also facing high CPU and ran profiler to obtain some more info, however I’m unable to properly interpret the results…

My output shows the same method, although I did not notice a CPU increase until upgrading to 2022.2. There is an issue opened here: