HA crashed this morning. 100% cpu load. No (usable) logs. How to investigate?

A little earlier I noticed my HAOS was frozen. I could not access the webui, and the cpu load of the VM it’s running is was stuck at 99-100% since approximately 0500 this morning. Only 300ish MB of RAM was in use instead of the usual 2GB.

A regular shutdown command of the VM did not work. So I had to force “stop” the VM.
After starting it again it worked fine. I saw there was an update available, so I did that. And HA restarted again afterwards.

I wanted to check the HA logs to see what went wrong, but the regular “home-assistant.log” only starts after the update (12:40 today). And the “home-assistant.log.1” only starts after the forced restart (12:33 today). So I can’t see what happened around 0500 when HA froze. I guess I should’ve backed up the log file before doing the update.

Is there a way to find out what went wrong early this morning?

Log: https://nextcloud.istria.duckdns.org/index.php/s/ScmKPNaqpxWLFEw