HA crashes after upgrading to 2022.4.7 from 2022.3.7

After reading about so many bad experiences on the migration to 2022.4, I postponed the update of my 2022.3.7 until this week.
I updated my Core to 2022.4.7 just to find out that after a few hours of it running, something fatal happens that prevents any page from being loaded.
On the last time this problem happened I got this:
[Errno 5] I/O error:

In the meantime I restored the 2022.3.7 backup and everything is working as usual.

Any clues on this?

I/O errors are typically a sign of failing hardware, so try and see if anything is being logged in the system logfiles.

Yes, that was my first thought, but this only happens if I update the Core to the latest version, so there must be something on the software level that is causing it.

Several days after the downgrade my system keeps running as it should, so my problem is definitely not related to hardware.