HA crashes without log because of multiple thread-requests of sensors


i’ve a separate hardware (PLC) to control covers and the HA reads the state as command_line
There are up to 6 threads of HA (stays in the logbook) that send requests parallel to the PLC and
some time it’s too much for the PLC and the response might be not a valid string.

If there is only one sensor/actor configured - the HA works perfect! with a full configuration - about one hour.

Is it possible to configure only one thread for a dedicated set of sensors/actors?

Here is a configuration snippet:

cover config
    - platform: command_line
            command_state: "/usr/bin/curl -X GET 'http://plc-ip/state.cgi?jal_no=20&cmd=STATE'"
            command_open: "/usr/bin/curl -X GET '.....'" //cut it because of forum restrictions 
            command_close: "/usr/bin/curl -X GET '....'" //cut it because of forum restrictions 
            command_stop: "/usr/bin/curl -X GET '....'" //cut it because of forum restrictions 
   - platform: command_line

Thank you!
best regards,