HA Daily Report


I currently have a rather rudimentary system of pinging devices to ensure they are online, and then I send a basic report via email. It’s like my daily heart beat report, and I expect to receive the report every morning. It’s my way of knowing everything is ok and running, so if I dont receive the email I know something is broken.

My current system is old, unreliable, and I really want to look at Home Assistant or Node Red to create a similar system i.e. runs checks, and then emails me every morning.

Dont suppose anyone has come across this type of config/system that someone may have created, some yaml code, or even a Node Red script?

Appreciate any help.

Thanks, Mark

# Network monitors
  - platform: ping
    host: !secret ip_address_router1
    name: Router1 ping
    count: 1
    scan_interval: 600
  - platform: template
        friendly_name: 'Router1 Ping'
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('binary_sensor.router1_ping', 'round_trip_time_avg') | round(2) }}"
        unit_of_measurement: "ms"

I don’t use it, but you could add a notification on the router binary-sensor to inform you something is wrong….:wink:

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I use the standard ping binary sensors as @aceindy has posted and then use the auto-entities card to display all the ping sensors (I specifically put ping in all the entitiy_ids but use readable friendly_names). I have some automations to turn off power when the device is ‘disconnected’ for 10 mins.
You could create a group for these ping sensors and then you only have to deal with one entity in an automation to send a notification if any device is offline for x amount of time.