HA Dashboard Widget Size


Hey all, I’m wondering if it is possible to change the size of one individual widget.

I know you can specify the size of widgets in the layout portion of your dashboard, but I’m trying to make one half the vertical size of the rest. My default widget dimensions are (120, 120) with the default size (1, 1).
If i attempt to change the widget size in the layout portion to less than 1 it returns an error.
Is there a way to customize widget dimensions in the widget definition of individual widgets?

For example in a navigate widget i entered the following but nothing changed?
widget_dimensions: (120, 60)

Anyone know away to figure this out?

Thanks in advance!


there cannot be an option to have widgets smaller then the size you set for the whole dashboard.
it would break the grid.
it also wouldnt be usefull, because all it does is open up empty space that you cant use.

there is a way around it though.
set widget size from the dashboard to (120,60) and for “normal” widgets use
in the layout.