HA detects devices outside my network. Have I been hacked?

I have been getting a message from HA for a few days that a new device has been found: FRITZ!Box 7430. However, I don’t have a FRITZ!Box 7430, but a Speedport Smart 4.


I integrated the supposed Fritzbox via the UPnP/IGD integration as a test and the IP and MAC address were displayed there. It is not a device within my network. According to ChatGPT, it is a public IP address. When I check this with the help of whois.com, I end up with an IP address from the internet provider EWE Tel, but I am with the internet provider Telekom.

Furthermore, I have just seen in the log that an unsuccessful attempt was made to log in with an IP address. I also checked this IP address with the help of whois.com and this time I ended up with an IP address from the cloud provider OnOcean.


For your information: I am not using Nabu Casa, but a version hosted on the RaspberryPi that is publicly accessible with the help of Cloudflare.

Have I been hacked or why is HA trying to add devices from outside? I have temporarily stopped the Cloudflare service to be on the safe side.