HA detects double switch and cube (Xiaomi) but not its actions


I’m starting to make my first steps with Home Assistant and I find my first problem:
It turns out that I have a xiaomi gateway with door sensors, simple switches, lamps, a double switch and a cube.

Well, I have integrated the gateway into HA and it recognizes all the elements and detects the actions, all except the double switch and the cube (detects them but not their actions). The thing is that the Mi Home program does detect the actions but nevertheless HA has not.

I have uninstalled those elements from Mi Home and I have linked them again and nothing. It works well in the xiaomi application but not in HA.

what can I do?

Are you sure it does not detect the actions. I faced the same problem but upon some research i found out that HA got a slight delay 0.5s or so. And this sometimes results in not showing the action in the states section of developer mode.

What does the last action show of your entities?.

Yes. I have noticed the delay when pressing on the simple pushbuttons but on the double, even if I leave it pressed for 1 or 2 seconds, the action does not appear.
Last night I tried a new card and did a clean installation and the same thing happens.
It also does not work if I program an automation, it does not execute it when pressed.

In the register I see the pulsations of the simple pushbuttons but not the pulsations of the double or the cube. In the Mi Home application these actions appear.