HA Died and Restores die too

About a week ago, probably a bit longer, HA just stop working. Its been working for years.
It was 4AM when it stopped, so I wasn’t tinkering with it, and hadn’t made any changes to it in quite a while.
Reboot it and occasionally I can log back in (this is how I know it died at 4AM, I saw all the graphs stopped then). Nothing would load though and soon after it just wan not responding at all again.

I set up a new SD Card and restored a backup from earlier in the month (no the most recent backup).
I have not restored a backup before, but it seems that it took what I think is an extraordinary amount of time for a 90mb file. Like an hour!
The restore completed, came online and was working for about 15 minutes and the same thing happened. Total unresponsiveness.

I have no idea what to do now to troubleshoot it.

Hi, welcome to the forum!

So you are running from SD-cards on a RPi? Is it a v4?
You could do a test to see if your RPi runs fine with something else to exclude anything else being faulty.
If that works, you can be sure that it’s your backup or SD-cards.

What about HA updates: do you install them regularly?
Why I’m saying this is because there can be a DB update that takes time/stresses the system.

What do you mean by that, what’s the exact situation?

Whatever hardware, try to hook it to a monitor to see the messages on the console, and maybe try to hook a keyboard to log in.

As Nick says, you don’t tell much. Is it HAOS on RPI4, or?

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