HA Discord un-ban?

So… A while back I went to the discord for help. Apparently asked a question that was noobish, or didn’t quite understand the differences between the various install methods of HA – and got responses from a person there that were (at least I thought) a bit on the rude side. I responded in kind, and caught a ban. I’m curious to know if there is a process to get unbanned. Other than creating another discord account to access the HA server.

To date, I’ve not done this, but if that’s my only option, I guess I can do that.

Can I be unbanned? Whom do I need to contact?

Thanks for your help/consideration

I posted a link to this thread on the Discord channel to see if anyone can or is willing to assist.

What’s your discord name? DM it if you want to be private.

In most cases yes.

Anyone on the mod team.