HA Docker and Aircon

I am not sure if this belongs somewhere else, i figured starting off in uncategorized might be the best way to upset the fewest number of mods.

Anyway, i have a couple things, I am using HA in docker, so far so good still love it and absolutely love the price. I have looked into other home automation and its amazing to me how expensive it gets.
I am currently controlling my fujitsu mini split units ( aka air sourced heat pumps ) using GitHub - deiger/AirCon: Scripts for controlling Air Conditioners, e.g. with HiSense modules. which is a huge improvement over my previous method which was a custom intergration i believe. I couldnt seem to get the docker setup to run so i am running the server manually with python. The weird part is that the temps show up with Celsius readings, HA labels it as fahrenheit, the config in aircon shows it as fahrenheit, but they are defiantly Celsius.
So, what am i doing wrong on this that its showing the wrong scale?

This is one of my config files:
cat config_ac000w000472697.json
{"name": "AC000W000472697", "app": "fglair-us", "model": "AP-WA1E", "sw_version": "bc 2.6.17-fgl06/29/20 09:03:57 ID jre/mfg/2dfbf5d", "dsn": "AC000W000472697", "temp_type": "F",