HA Docker: configuration.yaml not being updated

I’m rather new to HA and a bit confused about configuration.yaml.
I’m running HA in docker and have this as the config folder:

(Source: portainer)

I have been setting up HA, adding devices etc, so I was expecting the configuration.yaml file to be filled with lines.
Instead, it hasn’t been updated since March (last time I played with HA) and there’s only a few lines in it.

(Source: Configuration.yaml - Home Assistant).

Now, I’ve read about split configuration files here, so I guess that’s what is going on here, but all the files that are included are empty as well.

So where has HA been saving my configuration?

Home assistant doesn’t write anything to configuration.yaml. wheb you configure stuff through the UI, the config is stored in the files in the hidden .storage directory instead.

Don’t touch the files in the .storage directory unless you know what you are doing. A wrong format will lead to your system not starting up anymore.

Oh I see. Then I don’t know if it’s possible what I want to do.
I have a motion binary sensor, coming from an ONVIF camera, that never clears itself.

The parts where it is green are where I’ve rebooted HA or the camera.

It turns out that the camera only sends a event when motion is detected, but never when it stops.
I have a topic about this over on ipcamtalk.

I found this feature request about binary sensors resetting them after x seconds.
MQTT binary sensors have an off_delay setting, which I was hoping to test via the configuration.yaml file with the ONVIF binary sensor.

I don’t know if that also works with a binary sensor coming from an ONVIF camera, that’s what I wanted to test, but now I’m lost as to which config file to adapt :sweat_smile: