HA Documentation to setup zwave - RPI3 + HassOS 4.11 / V0.133.1

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Hi ,

I am struggling to setup a zwave network based on the Aeotec Gen2 USB Dongle so I decided to delete the zwave configuration and to restart from the beginning with the OpenZwave(Beta) add-on , as per the documentation

  • The Mosquito add-on must be installed and configured
  • The Zwave to MQTT GW and control panel has to be installed
  • The add-on OpenZwave(Beta) has been installed and configure ( device and network key) from supervisor menu

The zwave configuration has been created ( Aeotc dongle Gen2 + DSC24 power switch and 1 motion sensor … BUT status is unavailable

The control panel does not display also the zwave equipements

Please any idea ?

This isn’t in the docs.

Thank you @firstof9 for your comment.

I misunderstood the 2nd requirement in the OpenZwave(Beta) document :slight_smile:

This integration allows you to utilize OpenZWave’s ozwdaemon to control a Z-Wave network over MQTT.

    MQTT server and the MQTT integration set up in Home Assistant.
    The ozwdaemon installed and running in your network. For Home Assistant Supervisor there’s an official add-on named OpenZWave available from the add-on store.

Which ozwdaemon has to be used ?


Are you using the supervised install?

No , I am not using the supervised install but the home assistant install ( HA OS image on SDCard in RPI3) , so the Z-Wave to MQTT gateway and control panel cannot be used with OpenZwave(Beta) addon.

Which ozwdaemon has to be used ?

Correct it is a separate thing not related to the OpenZwave Beta.

Likely you’ll want to start off with docker pull openzwave/ozwdaemon:allinone-armhf-150 this build, until Home Assistant 0.114 is out. Then update it to the latest version.

Thank you so much @firstof9 ,

I am familiar with Docker “a bit” so I will give a try else i will wait the 0.114 version , as
I am working on a test network to learn about HomeAssistant so no kind of urgency