HA does not change the state of Tuya eMylo Smart Relais (Switch)

Dear community,

I have been trying to solve following issue for the whole weekend now.I’ve tried to explain it in a video, did it in german though, so here are my comments in english:

Video: HA Küchenleisten Error - YouTube

Product: smart wifi light switch

  1. Lights in the kitchen are off
  2. HA states, that both lights are off
  3. Vibration sensor states no vibration

After Vibration

  1. Both lights in the kitchen are turned on

  2. HA states that both lights are still off

:warning: if the sensor registers another vibration, the lights should turn off again. As HA did not change the state of the lights though, no action will happen, as HA thinks “the lights are already out, so nothing to do”

  1. If i turn of the lights “manually”, HA resets the switch by its on, into the wrong position

Things I have tried:

  • update HA
  • update Smartlife/Tuya
  • delete and reconnect the relais
  • delete automation/make a new one
  • switch trigger (used motion sensor before)

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance!

Fixed it by LocalTuya