HA does not detect sonoff zigbee dongle


HA is installed as LXC in proxmox and all is fine so far. “Server PC” is a Lenovo m93p tiny. I bought a sonoff usb dongle for zigbee in hopes of detecting most of the zigbee devices in my home and be a hub for them, but no matter which USB port I stick it to, HA just wont detect it under System → Hardware → All hardware

Running proxmox console “lsusb”, I think I can see it as:
Bus 003 Device 004: ID 10c4:ea60 Silicon Labs CP210x UART Bridge

Already restarted the full thing several times.

Any support would be appreciated!

Did you ‘pass-through’ the stick to your lxc ?


Thanks for the reply! Probably not! What do I do from here?


I don’t have a sonoff dongle, but you should be able to choose it


Thanks a lot for your help! This was the solution.