HA does not start automatically and stops random

I have installed the Hassbian and on the latest version v72.1. For past couple of versions, my HA has been stopping randomly. I did not think much of it as it was not causing me any major issues. Now it is starting to concern me as well as some of the automations are not there due to HA service not running. OS is fine, as I can connect via SSH etc. Here is the summary, looking for direction to troubleshoot:

  1. Hassbian with all latest updates
  2. HA is on v72.1
  3. HA does not start automatically after a reboot, but starts properly with a manual startup command.
  4. HA stops randomly and when I try to restart with manual startup command, it does not start and it sits there. Once I reboot and follow the manual startup command works fine.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot and fix is greatly appreaciated.