HA doesn't install components

Hello, I have one problem with a components. I had installed HA on Raspberry with components such as HACS, SSH. Then I had re-install HA on same Raspberry and now I can’t to install components. I download components and put it into custom_components, then restart the system, but HA doesn’t show this components in ‘available for install’. It seem that Raspberry has save somewhere inside that components or info about it and thinks that components already exists in system.
How to solve it?

First, what installation method did you use (HA OS, etc.) and what version of HA is currently installed on your system? When you say you reinstalled HA does that mean a clean new image or an update? Did you use HACS to download the components to the custom_components directory or did you do it manually?

Home Assistant 0.112.4

I have putted components to custom_components folder by FTP.
I burn an image of Raspberry+HA on SD-card then install it into Raspberry.
I have put HACS folder from computer to Raspberry by FTP.
I see that HACS exists in Integration list, but if I try to install it from list - nothing happens - just few seconds a waiting icons rotating and then screen open back Integration list. Nothing happens.
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Here you can see uploaded components onto Raspberry, but I don’t (or system doesn’t) see it.

OK when you tried to activate HACS in the integration screen and it failed you need to check the logs to see if there were any error messages. Without that information it’s hard to say why something did or didn’t happen.

Just copying the custom component files to the proper directory is not sufficient. You need to alert HA about the components. If you use HACS and you are utilizing the UI to add automations, etc (storage mode as opposed to yaml mode) then HACS will copy the files to the correct directories and also create the references for HA. In that case you need only select the custom components through the HACS UI.

The reason your custom components aren’t showing up is you still need to add the component resource information to the configuration.yaml. Each component lists on their git pages what resource information needs to be added to the configuration.yaml.

So where do you go from here? Either add the resource information to the configuration.yaml and forget about HACS as you just did everything it would have done. Or create a new image, try installing HACS again following the directions carefully and if errors occur get the log so you have something to ask about in the forum.

Thank you for help. I have solved problem with HACS - I have found an error on logs. Now it works.
But I still can’t see SSH addon. I have tryed to put into custom_components and into addons-folder. The system doesn’t see it.

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Add-ons aren’t the same as the custom components you can install through HACS. Add-ons are installed from the Supervisor page and add-on code doesn’t go in the custom_components directory.

Yes, I understand that addon are difference.
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I have copy ssh folder into addons

OK you need to stop with the ftp installs. :grinning: Is there a reason you didn’t use the supervisor page? Are you running the supervisor? If not then add-ons need to be installed in a separate docker container.

Yes, I use supervisor page, but i don’t see SSH addon here, that’s why I try to install it manually.

There are two. Both called “Terminal and SSH”. One Official add-on and one Community add-on. As I said add-ons run in separate docker containers so you can’t just copy code and run it like the custom components.

Ok, then what is the right way? Do I have to install docker and then install ssh by docker?

No, that’s the job of the supervisor. It handles all that for you. All you need to do is go to supervisor/Add-on Store. Install the add-on you want, configure it, and start it up. The supervisor will manage the docker container. You will see the add-on on the main supervisor page once it’s installed.

But I don’t have SSH in addon-store…

??? I said there are two listed in the add-on store. One is called “Terminal and SSH” and the other is called “SSH & Web Terminal”.

Why are you installing SSH? What do you need SSH for?

I don’t have any SSH in addon-store.
I need ssh to check/install/test zigbee dongle.

Are you looking at the Supervisor or HACS?

I haven’t it in both - in Supervisor and in HACS

Right, HACS does not have any SSH stuff it’s in the Supervisor. You need to go to Supervisor (HA house in sidebar)/Add-on Store (tab at top of page) Look through the list. Assuming you have add-ons listed (which you should) one SSH solution is called Terminal and SSH and the other is SSH & Web Terminal. If you’re looking for SSH for your laptop then that is different and it wouldn’t be installed on the Rpi.

I haven’t any SSH addons in store, perhaps I need to add new repository?