HA doesn't load after upgraded

I’m a new in domotic, computer languages and in HA.
I worked a couple of mouths on HA (Hassio - Rusbarry PI 4). I made the first steps in this world… today I have upgrade to new relase from 0.12x to 0.13x.
Now I can’t load Ha. The loading blocks and I can’t what to do.
I post the image where it stops.
Is possible recovery my work?
Thanks in advance

Do you have an api_password in your HTTP settings? Can’t remember what version finally deprecated that setting. That caused issues for me upgrading - the upgrade would fail and roll back. Removed that and everything upgraded correctly.

If that’s not the case for you, read over the breaking changes for the versions between your current and the latest. For .103: https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/2019/12/11/release-103/#breaking-changes

do you have access to the home-assistant.log file located in your config directory?

I’m sorry: no way.
I have seen the Loading process and It stops when Hassio is loading.
Do you have any idea or I have to format and restart everything?
Thanks in advance

Sure you do. You have a console right there in front of you.