HA doesn't refresh MeasuredValue fo 4in1 Temp/Hum/Motion/Lux

Hi all.
I’m new to Home Assistant and Home Automation in general so please don ban me outright for misplacing the topic. I’ve already tried googling the hell out of my problem but I’m unable to solve it.

I have a Home Assistant Yellow and I got few items to get a hang of how it all works and get myself into HA with the new home I’m moving into in a few months. So I got myself a few things (all ZigBee), lige a light bulb, socket switch and a 4in1 sensor that can get motion, temperature, illumination and air humidity (_TZ3210_wuhzzfqg T0202). This sensor is the point of my problem. It is discovered by HAY without problems but it seem to only refresh the values of luminance and motion detection. The temp and humidity is only read once, when the device is added to HAY. If the sensor picks up movement it sends this to HAY instantly, the Lux value is refreshed every like 5 minutes or so. The Temp and Humidity however is not.

When I get into Device reconfiguration and select Cluster TemperatureMeasurment and then select the attribute measured_value and click read attribute it is read with the current value. Same for Humidity, I need to manually refresh those two sensors for them to get current readings, while Luminance and IasZone is refreshing correctly.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there an option that I’m missing when setting up the sensor?

That’s an unusual combo.
Could you post a link to the device, please.

Assuming that’s what you mean, the usual abbreviation for HomeAssistant is HA.

I assume you are using the builtin zigbee support of HA, i.e. ZHA?
You might have a look at the specific device support github to see if your device issue is mentionned

Link to the sensor (it’s Polish store, since it’s where i’m located): Multisensor 4w1 PIR temp. wilg. lux ZigBee TUYA houseiq - Wszystko dla inteligentnego domu

However when I get the diagnostic from the device, it identifies itself as:
“manufacturer”: “_TZ3210_wuhzzfqg”,
“model”: “TS0202”,
“name”: “_TZ3210_wuhzzfqg TS0202”,

As a ZigBree device, I’m using HAY - Home Assistant Yellow with integrated ZigBee (Silicon Labs MGM210P Mighty Gecko Module).

I also tried to connect HA with Tuya Smart on my phone, but even as the integration seems to be done correctly (I see the Tuya in my HA devices panel), the phone app of Toya says No Devices.

Ok, didn’t find an answer to my problem, so I switched from ZHA do Zigbee2MQTT and now the sensor refreshes all values properly. As a side perk, Z2M also allows configuration without using Tuya’s dedicated app.