HA doing wrong DNS requests


I’ve just half-fixed a problem I had with my HA installation.

HA is hosted on my raspi 3b, with a static address. This Raspi has dietpi installed, and HA was installed via DietPi.

Today, I decided to put HA behind my reverse proxy. I had only one bug left : the (infamous) “Retry” problem after login in. Finally found out that my ublock was blocking some request, making the login fail.

I reach my HA from the Internet via my domain name : https://ha-dot-mydomain-dot-ca. The corresponding DNS record is a CNAME pointing to my duckDNS dyn dns hostname (myname-dot-duckdns-dot-org) . Here is the problem. I had requests going to myname-dot-duckdns-dot-org, and they were blocked by ublock origin. Why did HA send the requests to the duckdns hostname instead of my real domain ?

Note: I have screenshots, but cannot upload yet…

uBlock Log