HA Energy with Wibeee

I have integrated the Wibeee sensor into the Energy panel of HA and I see extremely high costs and consumption. Currently, the consumption is usually between 200 and 300W in real time. Under these conditions, the reading given by the Wibeee sensor of active energy is 135168 Wh aprox. I have set the cost of kWh at 0.138, and as you can see, the costs in € are extremely high and the kWh are also very high, it doesn’t make sense to me. Do you know what could be causing this? Thanks!

Daily consumption and cost

Real-time consumption during this period in W

HA Energy configuration

This isn’t a buitin integration, is it?

No, it’s an integration via HACS, but it reads data from xml file on Wibeee correctly.

Probably a good idea to open an issue at the custom component side, e.g

I don’t think the problem is with the integration; it simply reads the data directly provided by the Wibeee sensor. It’s a simple XML, and I see the same data in the sensor in HA. I believe the problem is how H.A processes those data.