HA error message while running - File configuration.yaml not found

Hi all,

I am facing the following issue once my HA instance is running about 1-2 days:
My HA instance still opened at the Browser is not reacting, only some navigation is still possible, e.g.
Configuration → Settings → Server controls → Check configuration
is showing the error message “File configuration.yaml not found
Also the controlled shutdown is not possible anymore.
The only way to continue is removing the power supply from my PI4. After providing again power the system does boot regularly without any limitations and working as usual.

My PI4 (8GB) is running with an SSD via USB3, I have only few add-ons (RaspberryMatic CCU) and integrations installed / activated. I am running the latest HA: core-2022.2.3, HA OS 7.3

How can I discover the root cause for that behaviour?
Which log can provide me some further insides?
Any hint is welcome!

Thanks, Bastian

Check home-assistant.log.1 to see if there were any errors before the crash.
Although I doubt that it will be helpful, because the symptoms you are describing seem to point to a failing hard drive (possibly the USB connection).
Hook up a monitor to the RPi and wait for it to happen again. Then see if the CLI works and if you are able to type login to get to a root shell. See what dmesg says.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!
I’ve also suspected the SSD connected via USB to be the evildoer.

I cloned that SSD to another SSD and connected it with a different Case/Controller.
Et voila, no interruption of service for 3 days. Topic closed. :slight_smile:

I know it’s been a year ago but i’m facing something similar if not the same issue and was wondering if it ever came back and it might have been a different issue.
for me the issues were a lot farther apart, could be days or even weeks.

When they started i was still using an SD card and the system was still pretty underused CPU wise. Thought the SD might be the reason so i switched to an SSD but here i am because it happened again. Pretty sure that i had the issue before installing Frigate which got my CPU to 90% but i’m not really sure.

Thank you very much in advance!

EDIT: Added a CPU Temp sensor and when it gets past 60c things start to act out.
from what i could find online it should continue to work fine even close to 80c.
Just spitballing here but maybe it’s not the CPU that can’t handle it, perhaps the temperature in the case is getting too high and some other component that controls the USB interface is a more sensitive which causes an issue with the connection to the USB SSD.