HA extremely slow startup after moving VM, error supervisor system not ready


I recently moved HA (haos) running in a VM on a synology NAS to a new synology nas (same CPU) and i noticed the error:
error returned from supervisor system is not ready with state setup
in the console. Typing “Banner” fixes that. It was running fast and fine on the old NAS but on the new nas it takes about 5 min. to start up.
It looks like i am not the only one with this problem and it seems all after they moved a VM.

Anyone with a solution?

Did some more checks. It looks like the OS is waiting a long time at:

A start job is running for Docker Application Container Engine. This takes more than 3 minutes. On the old system about 45 seconds.

I started up the old NAS and assigned the VM to port 1 on the synology. I actually have the same problem now on the original NAS. I then flipped the network port from 1 to port 4 like it used to be, and now HA starts up normally again just not on the new nas. It looks like something in the network.

Still don’t know the real cause but in the Synology I added SSD cache to the volume. The problem is gone now