HA fails almost every time i try to update

Hello, love HA, but almost 2 out of 3 update fails, and often i have to install everything from scratch

When i update it reboots, then it gets stuck, today i waited for 2 hours and still nothing

Not sure what is causing the issue, i’m starting to think using the PI as DNS server might make it unable to download the update after a restart

Any idea on how to debug and solve this issue?

If your PI is acting as the DNS, did you set a fixed DNS for the PI to an external DNS? If not you indeed have a chicken and egg dilemma.

In settings seemed like i had IPV4 on DCHP, now i’ve set it on static, let’s see what happens

And when you set static IPV4 maybe consider using a different / external DNS server, just for HA.

Beyond that, next step to troubleshoot would be to setup the DNS somewhere else, and stop using the one on the same RPi. This is to make sure it is not possible to have the chicken and egg dilemma.

I’ve changed the DNS using the interface, tried updating today and got stuck again, so that can’t be the issue

Errors on HA

Failed to to call /store -

Timeout on /store request

Errors on supervisor