HA Floorplan as Custom State Card


Installed HA-Floorplan following GitHub instructions, have created floorplan and really happy with how it’s going. I have access to my floorplan as a Custom Panel on my side bar but it has not loaded the Custom Card into my Lovelace set up.

I can add a new view and include the binary sensor which allow me to see my floorplan when i click on it but cannot see how to just have my floorplan displayed?

I’ve browsed the forums and solutions I’ve found involve editing groups.yaml, but I’ve also read this is no longer supported in lovelace?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.


Same problem here, how do i add it to my lovelace as a card?

Me too. I have the same problem.

I am also having this issue.

Floorplan is now available as a Lovelace card. See here:

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I am struggling with showing the floorplan as a card on the Cutom UI. I f I go to States UI the Zones group displays with the floorplan. What am I missing ?