HA gets an IP when on 5gig but not on 2.4gig WIFI

I’m probably loosing my mind…so go easy on me.

I have a Minix running VMware WS 16 Pro, I have a 2023.1.7 HA Core. The HA guest was moved from a Mac to the PC (same version of VMware if that matters). Proper configuration changes were made to guest when moved…no issues. Single NIC defined…UeFI all that is perfect.

The Minix supports both 5/2.4Gig wifi, I have dual band router, no restrictions on either band. Minix by itself works fine on either band.

If I connect the Minix to the 5gig and start the HA Guest - works perfectly. Web GUI, bluetooth proxy…everything works perfect.

If I shutdown the HA Guest, connect the Minix to the 2.4gig Wifi, restart the guest…I don’t get an IP for HA. The Network-manager service never starts - failure=1 in the logs…big help.

Does this make any sense…doesn’t to me.


Shouldn’t make any difference. An IP address is an IP address on the same LAN. It should not stop HA interacting with the 2.4GHz devices.

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Agreed…that’s why it makes zero sense.

I just ran the tests again. VMWare Pro 16 (actually licensed copy), only one network interface assigned the virtual network VMnet0, set for bridged.

Connect the Minix to 2.4gig, restart vm - no IP
Connect the Minix to 5gig, restart vm - IP every time.

After digging into every properties page and setting, I think I found a difference, but can’t account for the behavior.

The VMnet0 is set to use the internal Broadcom 802.11ac WDI SDIO Adapter (fact is even if I have all the interfaces checked on and set to auto select - 5gig always connects and give me an IP). 2.4G uses 802.11n, wonder if the adapter/driver to VMWare interface can’t handle 802.11n? PC works fine on either band.