HA gets unavailable every couple of days


I have been using HA for a few years now and it’s been great until recently.
For a weeks now, HA becomes unavailable (the web UI give me sometimes 404 or 502 errors) ever couple of days.

When this happens, I do not see anything when I run docker logs that could indicate something regarding the issue.

The only solution I have is to restart the docker container. After that and waiting a few minutes, HA is back online and everything works again.

I run HA in docker on a Raspbery Pi 4 running from an SSD. I access the web UI through nginx.

P.S : I have other docker containers running on the same Pi, some of which also behind nginx. When I get the issue with HA, all my other containers stay running and are accessible.

Do you have any idea on what could be the cause ? Or how I could try to investigate this ?