HA Green "Error installing Home Assistant" on EERO network

Hi folks,

I just joined this community and already had some help - so I am flagging what I learned in a way I might have found it faster…


  • Brand new HA Green
  • EERO mesh internet
  • Connected the HA Green to the network port on an EERO
  • Everything looked good - I could connect to the HA Green via http://homeassistant.local:8123/
  • But I got an error:
    • Message on the webpage “Error installing Home Assistant”
    • First few errors in the logfile on the webpage
      “No timedate support on the host. Time/Date functions have been disabled.”
      “Can’t update PulseAudio data: Failed to connect to pulseaudio server”
      And lots of others related to not being able to connect to internet (even though I could see the HA Green in my local network)

Solution (as suggested by others - can’t find the link to credit them, sorry):

  • use the Google DNS in my EERO


Thanks guys