HA Green - first setup only power light showing

Need support setting up my new HomeAssitent green,
I connected it with LAN cable and a working internet router, plugged the power supply
The power light started working but no other light (no Green and no Yellow) and I waited more than a few minutes
any idea?

Hook up a monitor and keyboard. What do you see?

ItI seems have the same problem.
I actually thought it would be quite easy with the green system.

I received the Green a few days ago and connected it (Fritzbox 7590). Unfortunately only the white LED lights up. Then I connected a monitor. This doesn’t show anything either.

Next, I performed a reset following instructions on the Home Assistance homepage.

Now you can see the LEDs (yellow + green) flashing for a while.

After about 5 minutes the Led’s goes off.
But unfortunately after removing the SD card and starting up, only the white LED was visible again.
You can’t see the green in the router. The IP was only visible as “gree-installer” in the router during the reset phase.

The monitor also displayed something during the reset phase.

The last few command lines were too fast for me to take a picture.

Is there a solution or do I have to send the part back?

What are you powering this from?

The low voltage warning in there seems to suggest a power supply issue.

It is the original DC 12 V power supply which was delivered with the green. I have measured now the voltage. It was 12,2 V (unloaded).

I change the power supply, but with the same result.
What could be the info with:
GPT header not at the end of the disk
Use GNU Partes to correct GPT errors
GPT header not at the end of the disk
Use GNU Partes to correct GPT errors

Could there be a clue here?

I got a new unit. No problems now.