HA Green - how to build an installer SDCard?

As the title says, how can I build an installer SD card image (e.g. green-installer-20240410.img.xz)? Upon completing the buildroot run, I get haos_green-12.4.dev0.img.xz and haos_green-12.4.dev0.img.raucb, but there’s no info on how make a bootable SD image from these images.

Which guide are you following?

From here:

and the images were created in output/images (couldn’t find a /release directory) after

sudo scripts/enter.sh make green

And the normal way to create a bootable sdcard (i.e. Balena Etcher or similar) from your .img.xz image doesn’t work?


Yes, the generated img.xz file when imaged to the SDCard did not boot.

The image green-installer-20240410.img.xz as obtained via Resetting the device – Home Assistant Green does work, though.

Is there something on the console (HDMI + USB keyboard)?

Nothing, HDMI remains off (no signal)…