HA Green won't detect USB dongles

I have had my home assistant green running for about a month now and had most of it configured but wasn’t 100% yet so I didn’t make a backup. Two days ago, the web interface stopped responding to requests. I had some time last night to work on it, and upon a reboot it acted like it was a fresh install with all of my settings missing.

I have since added all of my integrations and devices back, except for ZHA. I have the SkyConnect dongle that I bought with the Green and it wasn’t auto-detecting it, so I tried to manually add ZHA and it doesn’t list the SkyConnect as a device like before. I thought maybe the dongle dies, but I also have a Sonoff Zigbee USB 3 dongle as well so I swapped to that one, but it is the same issue. I installed the SSH addon and connected to that, and when I run lsusb I only see the following:

Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001

Which is the main USB hub if you look up the vendor ID. At this point I’m at a loss for what to try next, if I check dmesg there are no logs for USB devices other than the hub. At this point, I’m considering doing a factory reinstall, but I don’t have a microSD card I can wipe to do it, so I’ll need to get one first. I’m hoping someone here has an idea what could be causing this.