HA hardware recommendations

Hi folks,

I’m here looking for some recommendations on hardware for my home assistant/home network implementation, which will take place in a few months.

The devices will be: Shelly switches, aqara door sensors, amcrest ad410 doorbell, chromecast, IP cameras (yet to be decided, but either a poe dumb switch with cameras, or a manufacturer nvr with cameras) to use with frigate to record 24/7 and for recognition to trigger the Shelly coupled to outside lights through home assistant.

Also thought of a tablet to be able to controll all this stuff and watch the cameras + doorbell, as well as a chime since I have the door sensors and the frigate recognition.

Will be using a lenovo m910q refurb (opinions?), with a coral A+E to boost frigate efficiency.

Eventually would be nice some solution to control the AC units, garden sprinklers and swimming pool… All through HA.

Finally (and I’m well lost here, despite the hours of research), also a router that supports VLANs to secure my home network, or other solution for this purpose.

I’m sorry for the long post, hope haven’t got bored :sweat_smile:

Any help is appreciated, and I would like to thank you guys in advance.

Few recommendations from me…

AC control - Ecobee
Cameras - still on this journey myself. Best advice is find RTSP capatible or exposed urls and use that in your HA dashboard
House Switches - Shelly is great but if you have a little money to burn, highly recommend Lutron Caseta
Tablet - refurb iPad mini

No idea on pool or sprinklers but would like to see recommendations as well.

Thanks for your input @kksligh

Will definitely look at ecobee.

I saw something about fully kiosk browser, a lot of people is using that, but it is only android compatible. Is there anything like for iOS?

I was thinking about reolink for the cameras, coupled to a dumb switch, they seem good enough and have a good value.

Did you research for a way to secure your home network?

Since the dashboard is web based, I haven’t run into anything that can’t be done on ios

Network I use Netgear Orbi Pro mesh and for security I use Vivint that’s Z WVe based which is a pain but more secure than zigbee and wifi.

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Thanks again for your response.

I will also consider those options :+1:

Sprinklers - Rachio controller

I’ll second the suggestion for Ecobee thermostats. Highly recommended.

As for running Home Assistant itself, it’s very difficult to beat an older Pentium or Celeron or even i3-based NUC. They can be had relatively inexpensively on eBay, and have plenty of oomph for running even device-heavy HA systems. They’re reliable as can be, especially with a m.2 SSD.

Thanks @FredTheFrog, will surely check Rachio.

I can get my hands on a Lenovo m910q, which is an i5 for relatively cheap, and it comes with an ssd too. I will just slap another hdd for ip cam footage, and should be good to go.

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