HA has crashed to second time!

HA ist the best SmartHome software. But! My HA has crashed to second time! I make a update and the HA doesn’t reboot. The Backup runs very long bevor, and now the system come never up. I can’t ping my raspberry pi 4. I think the os don’t coming up. Have everyone an idea!

Yes, plug in a monitor and keyboard to see what it says.

So. I have connect a monitor and I see "You are in emergency mode. After logging in, type “Journalctl -xb”. I have put in the text and the logfile scroll very fast down. What can I do? When I press control-D the System boot normaly!?

also put on a real computer

ODROID or NUC or thin PC

had on a pi and it was crap

i brought a “HP EliteDesk 800 G2” and Sh… what a differance Fast restart.
everything just round fast.

A raspberry Pi 4


My system run on the moment but I can’t update or backup anything.

Tentative diagnosis: dead sd card.

Yes, it’s possible. My issue is, this is the secound card in one year! It’s this normaly with raspberry by and home assistant?

it is common.

That is why you should use a HDD or SSD with your pi.

Yes, I see the issue. How I can use an HDD or SSD. Have you an installation guide for this work?

Same works with other pi 4 :

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Thanks at all! I have insert a new A2 SD and restore My Backup. I have less data lost. All is fine.