HA high disk usage - log.hdd folder in /var [more than 24 GB]

There you go. 38 gb log file. You have to find out what is filling this log file and why.

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Probably all the logs since i started with HA.
How can I do that?
Can it be cleaned?

It seems to me that this is log file from hdd. I don’t know which process created this file. Google it out. You can probably safely delete this file. But before you do that google it out to see which process created that file.
Maybe you can’t delete it while the process is running.

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Thank you very much for your patience. This is really a community.
I will search before deleting it.
I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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I have some new facts.
With the precious help of Bruno Melo (maxcalavera) we found that the disk usage issue e caused by a folder, located in /var/log.hdd/journal/4d4f6d7f9df948e6afd380c743b4ba53

that seems to be an armbian (Linux) issue.
This folder contains more 70000 files…
Can anyone, please, help me?

Hi all,
I have a very similar issue and am a Terminal novice.

Here are my outputs, can anyone advise what else to try please?
I’ve looked in the locations identified in this thread (var/log and usr) but no joy.