HA high disk usage - log.hdd folder in /var [more than 24 GB]


My HA Disk Usage is more than 90%.
It is usually in 65%/70% and I noticed that the increase happened this month.
I have it installed on a Tanix TX3 Android box - 64 GB ROM / 4 GB RAM
Home Assistant 2023.5.2 | Supervisor 2023.04.1 | Frontend 20230503.3 - latest
Can anyone please help me?

Check your recorder settings. Maybe you have large ha db. But anyway your system is using in my opinion too much space.
I have 22 containers aka addons and my system is currently using 44 GB.

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Hi @ddaniel. Thank you for your quick response.
How can I do that? Can you please help me?

Well generally speaking you don’t need all the data home assistant is collecting. It will grow your database very quickly. You can configure recorder to keep data you need ie. temperature values.
You have to set up recorder yourself in configuration.yaml file.
You can also check how big is your database. Navigate to your home assistant installation directory and find file home_assistant.db or something like that. Anyway this is file with*.db at the end and see how big is database file.
You can also call recorder service and purge everything older that ie 8 days.But don’t purge anything before you set up recorder.
Also check history and logbook for additional settings.

My home-assistant_v2.db file is almost 829 MB.

You have small database. This is not problem. Something else is filling your disk.
Check topics like this.

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I don’t have it in Docker.
How can I see where can the problem be?

Maybe journal is taking up space.
And yes you have docker but not standalone installation.

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Thanks @ddaniel.
Can the journal be cleaned? (I am sorry if this is a stupid question)

Look first of all you have to find out what is causing issue. When you find out what is going on than you can look out for solutions. By your first post something is filling your hd fast. You db is not large, so maybe problem might be somewhere in journal.
There are a lot of threads about this problem like this.


This is my scenario.
Can you help me to find the issue/cause?

Can you check your /var/log directory with command like this

sudo du -sh /var/log

It will give you a lot of output but it might point you to the right direction.

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I’m sorry but can’t test all the commands on my system right now.

cd /var/log
sudo du -sh *
sudo du -sh -d 1 /var/log

The goal is to check all directories in /var/log to see how many disk space is used by some directory or subdirectory.

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root@armhassio:~# sudo du -sh /var/log
13M /var/log
root@armhassio:~# cd /var/log
root@armhassio:/var/log# sudo du -sh *
0 alternatives.log
4.0K apt
0 armbian-hardware-monitor.log
8.0K auth.log
4.0K auth.log.1.gz-2023050700.backup
0 bootstrap.log
0 btmp
4.0K chrony
32K daemon.log
4.0K daemon.log.1.gz-2023050700.backup
0 debug
0 dpkg.log
0 faillog
22M journal
0 kern.log
4.0K lastlog
16K lost+found
788K messages
108K messages.1.gz-2022120400.backup
84K messages.1.gz-2023043000.backup
4.0K private
4.9M syslog
208K syslog.1.gz-2022110700.backup
372K syslog.1.gz-2023022500.backup
364K syslog.1.gz-2023022700.backup
580K syslog.1.gz-2023032900.backup
4.0K sysstat
4.0K unattended-upgrades
4.9M user.log
176K user.log.1.gz-2022120400.backup
528K user.log.1.gz-2023041600.backup
392K user.log.1.gz-2023050700.backup
56K wtmp

root@armhassio:/var/log# sudo du -sh -d 1 /var/log
du: warning: summarizing conflicts with --max-depth=1
Try ‘du --help’ for more information.

I can’t see problem in /var/log. Check other directories like /usr

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root@armhassio:/var/log# cd /usr
root@armhassio:/usr# sudo du -sh *
322M bin
4.0K games
25M include
511M lib
92M libexec
52K local
21M sbin
7.3G share
4.0K src

There you go you found one dir that has GB usage. This is probably mostly home assistant which should be in /usr/share/hassio or homeassistant.
But this is not all. You probably have more dirs with gb usage. Check it like that one by one from root tree /.

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Yes. Found this:
6.9G hassio
38G log.hdd