HA HTTPS + Android client

Hi, I have configured docker container running over HTTP. I was able to work with it from Android client. Now I want to add HTTPS to access HA outside. As I understand with docker installation I can’t install addons like DuckDNS. But actually I don’t need it since I have static IP + domain + letsencrypt configured for other projects on same server. So I planned to do the same thing as for other services - HTTPS termination done on Nginx and it proxies bare HTTP requests to specific container thru local network. I made it and was able to login. I also see new sensors from my phone that updated periodically but dashboard can’t login with abstract “Unable to connect to Home Assistant”. So my question is how can I check logs from client to identify what operation fails?

Ok, the problem was in Web Sockets that Home Assistant uses. It is required to make small config adjustment in Nginx to support web socket proxy. More details here.